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Friday, 5 June 2009

Yahoo 360 RIP

There shold be a law to stop computer nerds ruining or dumping the software that they have evovled - until we get fedup with it.

Y360 was so user friendly, and so easy to hop from blog to blog by skipping through friend lists. Fancy a good read - hop into a friends blog site, and skip across the world - reading as you go.

I set this blog up as a back-up for the sad day Y360 passed away, and it's nearly here. The intention was that this blog would takeover and off I would type, into the night and infinity- - well, until I faded away anyway. I have been experimenting, just in case I found better transport for my stories. However, I popped in here to update the blogmobile - (doesn't that just show my age?) and found 2 followers, obviously not of fashion I thought. A new world has just appeared before my eyes, and I have been surfing the ether again.

Many thanks to Tina and Demi.

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