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Thursday, 23 September 2010

More hair - or less.

You know what I’m like with wax strips – almost addicted, LoL. I normally use Boots own, which are quite tacky, and you can use them four or five times on the same spot to get rid of reluctant strands. This time I am using Veet, and instead of being one size per box, these have a variety. Being an inquisitive sort, I had a closer look, and found some narrow ones, labelled ‘bikini line, and ‘underarm’. Bikini line? whats wrong with the big ones – my bikini line is thick as everywhere else – LoL. Yes, I decided to do the underarm.
I have never had any issues with my underarm hair; it does a good job, a sort of dry film lubrication as I saw it. But removing it was fun – I told you I’m addicted – and better still, I’ve got a new ‘girlie thing’ that I can do. The best thing is, no one noticed, and so I don’t get told off. I know, it’s a bit childish, but to me it’s a bit of that reverse control freakiness, to combat that which comes my way when Jay spots something girlie.
I decided to try a less bright shade of lipstick last month, and it’s so less bright, it’s the same colour as my own lips. HHHmmmm, so what’s the chances of wearing it in mixed company, and no one knowing? It’s ok, relax girls, I won’t being trying it – but I would so like to, LoL.
Hugs to you all,
Anna x


  1. Yes, you can absolutely get away with a *thin* coating of neutral coloured lipstick in mixed company. Just be sure to wipe the mark off the glass/coffee cup before it's noticed. And just a little brown mascara, the tiniest amount, on the outer edge of the upper lashes.

  2. Thank you Demi, and guess what? I tried it this afternoon, and road tested it on Jay. Ok, I didn't get too close, several feet of space between us, and just for a minute - but wow - I felt so liberated. We had lunch about 2pm, so I wiped it off before that. I didn't want too long in full view. and of course, I didn't want my glass giving the game away - LoL.

    Lipstick has such a gorgeous taste, no wonder girls keep topping it up of an evening - LoL.

    Hugs, Anna x