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Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Techno-ising of Anna - ish!!

I was going to do some crossdressing this evening, but I've decided to use the time to write a blog.

I've been quite happy with my mobile phone, which I've had 5 years or so. Keeping your old phone normally gets you cheaper tariffs on it's upgrade birthday, but as I mentioned somewhere, I've taken on my sons iPhone, as he has upgraded to the 4 version. Oh my god, how good is it? Awesome, that's what. In my normal lacklustre way with things technical, I am never going to learn everything it does - but who cares - the bits I have discovered are so brilliant.

Stupid or Brave? That is the next question. Somehow I got it to link with my iPhone account, my Geocaching account, and my Yahoo mail account - and all this in Bob mode for my Andy stuff. It was so easy, so after a couple of weeks I added my Anna Yahoo mail account. Yes - that's the stupid or brave bit. Andy at Yahoo only gets sensible mail, all our main mail and joke rubbish goes through the computer with - with - hmm - some program that you click on, and it goes there and down loads the stuff. (Outlook Express - Ed!) For Yahoo, I log on manually and read everything on line at Yahoo HQ. I found all my Flickr update emails were coming to my phone - how cool is that. So that's why I thought it would be cool to add my Anna account - it's fantastic.

I can read all your blogs that get sent to Yahoo, right off the phone. Some, with wider columns are not very user friendly, cos it takes too much cursoring around, but the narrower ones, I can fit in the screen and just pan down as I read. So I get instant updates of all my mail, blogs, Angels and Transliving Internatiional posts, and Facebook bits. The mail updates don't make a noise when they come in, unlike texts, so there are no tell tale give-aways. It's so nice having my proper stuff, (Anna's stuff), on the phone. I'm taking the risk as Jay is even less technically minded than I am, but if the world blows up, it's my fault - LoL.

Do you remember I was experimenting with full-briefs underwear, and I said that I thought they would be too big, and would show above the waist line? I finally tried them out the other month, and worn with belted jeans, or sports-style-trousers with a tea-shirt tucked in, they are no trouble at all, and they are SO comfortable. I can under-dress quite safely with them. The other thing I like about girls underwear, is that they are so flattering; in as much that for reasons of restraint, and  to keep everything tucked in, you need to wear items a couple of sizes smaller than your dress size. I'm a 16 top, 14 bottom, and so a 10 to 12 in panties - roughly speaking, as it's amazing how sizes very from different suppliers.

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