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Monday, 2 May 2011

iPhone Fun

Well, where did those two months go? As far as doing things as Anna, it has been a steady trickle of the usual; daily make-up, just a bit so it doesn’t attract Jay’s notice; under dressing as ever, the only time I don’t have something feminine on now is when I go to bed – LoL. I’ve been enjoying all your blogs in the mean time, thank you all very much.
Life as Anna disguised as Andy, has been busy and fun – it would just be so much more fun doing them as Anna. But fun is fun, no matter which way we get it. We’ve done loads of geocaching, photography, some walking and gardening – getting all the tubs sorted now for the balcony.
Those of you who use Facebook may have read that I’ve lost my iMac Internet connection; at the moment it is the most expensive photoframe and DVD player you can get. I was so mad with it, – nut let’s not go there. I have got a new covert access to my blog, my iPhone. Writing isn’t as easy as a proper keyboard, but at least it is something, and that’s how I’m doing this. It means Anna is well established on my phone – so that’s another ‘is this brave or stupid’ question, but I’m hoping I can keep Anna’s bits a folder away from direct view.
I was reading Jodie Kidd’s beauty page in You magazine, and they now do eye shadow that you apply with your FINGERs. Obviously the examples were stunning, but it has an element of so much fun. I bet if I try it, it’ll need the skill of an artist – LoL.


  1. The hazards of stealth... "say, can I borrow your phone?"... "sure, just wait while I do something here... it'll just take.."

    That is rough. When technology lets us down you suddenly realize how dependent you have become.

    Glad you are having fun anyway!

  2. That was weird, It wouldn't let me see your comment, and wanted a password for a completely different site.

    I'm back on line Halle. I was so mad with evrything, it's lucky it's still in one piece - LoL.

    Hugs Anna x

  3. :) Great to see you in one piece Anna! Did I mention how much it sucks when technology lets us down???