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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Soaps put the skids under Anna.

Well, sort of. Jays stopped watching the soaps - my usual time for doing things as Anna, cross-dressing, nails, practicing make-up and stuff. I haven't actually done any cross-dressing for ages, but I'm sure it's not just the rubbish story lines that have got up Jays nose, I reckon she thinks it'll curtail my Anna stuff. She's wasting her time. Well actually not, as we've been going out for walks in the evening, and doing some geocaching. I like doing things with Jay, and I'm still Anna inside, so at the moment it doesn't matter - but watch this space.

I've always got something femme on, and I have femme clothes in various hidey holes - including my male underwear drawer in the bedroom, suitably hidden at the back of course. I've been using my green eye-shadow this last week, and it looks so nice, especially after using the brown for so long.

I was wondering if not been keen on cross-dressing at the moment, is because I would really like to go on a shopping spree for some fresh clothes. As Anna, I so adore shopping, so that means all the time really. I guess I need some unchaperoned time again - LoL.

Have fun, hugs Anna. x

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