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Friday, 23 September 2011

I hate Passwords

My password stopped working, and it has taken me a week to get it going again. I was so mad with Google.

It kept going around in circles, so I asked it to send me the name of the blog associated with the account - the access name being my email - and a message came back saying it had no information linked to that addrress - Oh Yes??? So how come they kept sending me emails. I eventually found an old email with the info I wanted. At first it looked like the same loop had kicked in, but on the first cycle up popped the reset app.

Now I have a google account email too. Funny old thing, but when I selected the new password - and of course, I entered the one that I previously had - it said 'You can't use a previous password, select a new one'!

So here I am. I thought I was going to be staring at a useless blog (tut tut, naughty thoughts LoL) for two years until it dropped into the dead bucket.

At least you all know I'm still alive and having fun, but not necessarily in Anna mode. Even if I haven't been in here I've been following your lovely blogs on my iPhone. I just adore my phone - it's so nice having Anna in there, and doing Anna things.

One thing that has popped into my head a few times is - how long will it be before I sign an email as Anna when it should be Andy - LoL. I like my girl name so much, so I'm not changing it now - :-)

Have fun, and enjoy your lives,

Hugs Anna x


  1. What a huge frustration it can be when a system suddenly gets all rogue on us. When technology works, it is a bit like magic, but we start to take it for granted very quickly. When the magic fails, we are amazed at how helpless we feel.

    The 'signing the wrong name' thing is scary isn't it. I have wondered many times how long it will be before someone emails back "who is Halle???" :)

  2. Hi Halle,

    I'm not very good with technology, so I expect it to run seamlessly in the background, letting me get on with all the fun stuff - some chance, LoL.

    If or when the names get mixed up, lets hope we have a good gagline handy to laugh it away :-).