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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Buffy Bear

I found that I could grat the HTML data from a flickr photo and put it in my Wordpress (parallel, and almost a carbon copy of my Blogmobile) with out the hassles and problems I get with the insert routine that goes with the blog editor.

I'm now testing it here.

buffy bear
Buffy Bear

In Wordpress, the medium size HTML from Flickr is nice and large. Clicking on the image takes the clickee to the Flickr site holding the picture. It's no bigger there, but some pics could have details and remarks, not in the blog.

Some of your blogs are artistically fantastic, and so you girls probably don't get the glictches I get with software - LoL. I find this technique so nice, and fun - anything that doesn't wind me up is fun LoL.

I hope you are all having great weekends.

Anna x

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