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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Xmas Gossip

I wrote this in December, and took it to Kent on a stick thing - I was even mad enough to upload it to Wordpress on my sister-in-laws computer, but that trashes the history on closure - LoL.

Xmas Gossip

So much for Anna taking a subservient role over Xmas. OK, no cross-dressing time, but under-dressing, a bit of eye make-up, and would you believe, one evening with lipstick on. I just carried on as normal, having given the nails a trim (well, they were a bit long, even for Anna- LoL), and a file, and the eyebrows a trim and a small amount of plucking. Our two eldest came home on the Wednesday, and our youngest, who was working in Bristol on the Friday, got home at half eight on Xmas day’
We had done the presents, and had dinner, pulled the crackers and read the jokes. In my cracker was a little case with a narrow mirror on the inside of the lid, and I was told it was a Lipstick case.
‘You’ll have to swap it for something else’, someone said.
‘Not likely’, I thought. So, just before tea, I was in my bathroom trying it out, and yes, the narrow mirror is good enough to see your mouth. So I gave it the test, and put my lipstick on, using it’s little mirror. You may remember my lipstick colour is almost a perfect match for my natural lip colour, so it doesn’t show up very much. As we were using the Xmas lights for our main illumination, everywhere was dimmish, so I risked going down with my lipstick on, and no one noticed a thing. Just so cool. I didn’t push my luck to far, but I had it on for an hour or so. What with late nights and later mornings, I was able to load and empty the washing machine, so my girl stuff got a hassle free wash too..
We had a super Xmas. Lots of little presents this year, as no one has spare money, but some choice gifts there – Series 2 of ‘Doll House’, a CD or two, some British wine, a gadget for the iPhone, and lots of little goodies. We played loads of games; Mah Jong,; Wii Golf; Wii Party, (a pressie that is so much fun, and hilarious – or should I say our performances were hilarious – LoL), plus a Round Britain Quiz, which showed up some serious gaps in our knowledge.
The best bit though, was the kids getting home safely, so now we can look forward to the new year.
Have a safe and Happy new year every one, Anna 


  1. Happy New Year, Anna! And, why do I think that one was your favorite present?

  2. Hi Calie,

    Happy to year. Yes, it's the bit we look forward to the most - LoL.

    Hugs Anna x